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Japan’s Divided Education Strategy

New York Times (subscription required) Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences Japan’s simultaneous embrace of nationalism and cosmopolitanism is generating ambiguous signals from its education policy makers… Expert quote: “There is an obvious contradiction between Japan’s rightward shift on education policy and its strivings to internationalize.” View full article

Japan Talks of Extending Security Umbrella to Southeast Asia — WSJ Blog

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences As Southeast Asia scrambles to cope with China’s assertiveness in maritime disputes, Japanese leaders are offering themselves to the region as a strategic counterweight to Beijing… Expert quote: “Prime Minister Abe is seizing the day, taking advantage of the huge opportunities that China […]

Did Japanese lawmakers intend to provoke Obama by honoring war criminals?

GlobalPost Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences Years after the Obama administration announced a “deliberate and strategic decision” to pivot to Asia, the US president is trying to revive the foreign policy initiative with a trip to Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines… Expert quote: “The main reason for these visits to the […]

Japan Stands by Apology to Its Wartime Sex Slaves

New York Times Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences Moving to defuse a heated diplomatic dispute over World War II-era history, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said on Friday that his government would not revise a landmark 1993 apology to women forced to work in Japanese military brothels… Expert quote: “Seoul continues to harbor the […]

POV: Obama’s Asian Pivot in Peril?

BU Today By Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences The American-Japanese security relationship has been the cornerstone of US strategy in East Asia for more than half a century. The Obama administration’s “pivot to Asia,” a multipronged effort to keep the United States active in Asian affairs, depends on keeping that relationship strong. Yet […]

U.S. B-52 bombers buzz China’s expanded airspace as dispute with Japan escalates

Washington Times Thomas Berger, College of Arts & Sciences In an escalating standoff reminiscent of the Cold War, China on Tuesday denounced a flight by two U.S. B-52 bombers over a contested chain of islands in the East China Sea without first alerting Beijing — just days after China unilaterally announced an expanded air-defense zone around the […]