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First Glimpse at Infectious Prion Shape

The Scientist David Harris, School of Medicine Mammalian prions are notoriously difficult as structural biology subjects, given their insolubility and tendency to aggregate. Expert quote: The work “gives a higher resolution picture of the structure of the infectious prion particles than has been possible before. It’s a very important question and one that’s very difficult to […]

Demystifying the Brain’s GPS

The Scientist Howard Eichenbaum, College of Arts & Sciences If you’ve ever found yourself walking a few city blocks only to realize you’ve gone in completely the wrong direction, you’ll appreciate the importance of the brain’s ability to keep track of its location and navigate effectively… Expert quote: “What’s particularly impressive to me in the […]

Next Generation: Freeze-Dried Gene Networks

The Scientist James Collins, College of Engineering Researchers devise a way to preserve bits of paper containing synthetic gene networks, which can be easily stored and widely distributed. Rehydrated, transcription and translation “come to life.”… Expert quote: “It turned out that this worked really well. These samples would work as well as the fresh-from-frozen stock, […]

Pneumonia-Causing Bacteria Poke Holes in Heart

The Scientist Stephen Pelton, School of Medicine Older adults who are hospitalized for pneumonia are at high risk for heart problems. About 20 percent of patients experience complications such as congestive heart failure or cardiac arrhythmia, which have been implicated in more than a quarter of pneumonia-related deaths… Expert quote: “The type of vaccine that […]