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Obama Mentor Laurence Tribe Is Pitting Obamacare Supporters Against Environmentalists

New Republic Abigail Moncrieff, School of Law On Thursday, representing coal company Peabody Energy, Laurence Tribe will argue in federal court that the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, which would cut the country’s greenhouse gas emissions on a state-by-state basis, might be unconstitutional… View full article quoting expert Abigail Moncrieff

How to Curb Binge Drinking: Raise Taxes on Booze

The New Republic Ziming Xuan, School of Public Health As the government learned during Prohibition, an outright ban on alcohol isn’t an effective way to stop Americans from boozing. But a new study suggests that more subtle changes to the law could help curb binge drinking… Expert quote: “This has significant public health implications, because […]