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Debt and housing costs make young worse off than past generations

The Guardian Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences Young people face a steeper climb to achieve the lifestyle of today’s baby boomer generation, according to an index measuring intergenerational fairness which recorded a rise from last year… Expert quote: “Like an adult report card, the Intergenerational Foundation’s vitally important intergenerational index makes it clear […]

US prosecutors investigate businesses dealing in bitcoins

The Guardian Mark Williams, School of Management Manhattan US attorney Preet Bharara’s office is seeking information from businesses dealing in bitcoin on how some of them handled cyber-attacks that hamstrung several exchanges in recent weeks, a source familiar with the probe told Reuters on Wednesday… Expert quote: “If bitcoin is going to be a currency […]

Bulldozed Belize Mayan site: the latest in a litany of heritage disasters

The Guardian Francisco Estrada-Belli, College of Arts & Sciences War is not the only threat to world heritage sites… Expert quote: “I don’t think I am exaggerating if I say that every day, a Maya mound is being destroyed for construction in one of the countries where the Maya lived.” View full article