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New weapon in the global fight against fake malaria drugs: a cheap scanner

The Guardian Muhammad Zaman, College of Engineering A new device that uses similar infrared light to TV remotes can accurately detect fake antimalarial drugs, according to a scientific paper published on Monday… Expert quote: “Muhammad Zaman, professor of biomedical engineering and international health at Boston University, agreed that cheap, reliable scanning is essential.” View full […]

‘Only skeletons, not people’: diaries shed new light on siege of Leningrad

The Guardian Alexis Peri, College of Arts & Sciences The discovery of a huge number of unpublished diaries has given an extraordinary insight into one of the most notorious and brutal military sieges in history… Expert quote: “They all gave me the same story – this heroic, triumphant battle, human resistance, collective solidarity.” View full […]

The Observer view on Hillary Clinton’s fitness to lead America

The Guardian Tammy Vigil, College of Communication In American presidential campaigns, September is the cruelest month.  Expert quote: “Right out of the gate she was getting slammed for the pantsuits, the hair, the headbands, her appearance, her life choices, and everything she said was so heavily scrutinized. I think she became defensive. And now she’s trying not […]

Black patients half as likely to receive pain medication as white patients, study finds

The Guardian Astha Singhal, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Findings show racial bias in emergency room prescriptions for ‘non-definitive’ pain, as advocates say lack of diversity in medical field may exacerbate situation… Expert quote: “A black patient with the same level of pain and everything else being accounted for was much less likely to receive […]

Game of Ants: two new species named after Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons

The Guardian James Traniello, College of Arts & Sciences Two new ant species with spiny back barbs reminded scientists so much of the Khaleesi’s dragons they named them Pheidole drogon and Pheidole viserion… Expert quote: “It’s intriguing that these ants have such amazing spines, and interesting to consider that they may serve a function other […]

As a teacher, I know plagiarism when I see it

The Guardian By Joelle Renstrom, College of General Studies As a writing teacher at Boston University I can usually detect plagiarism. When you read someone’s writing week after week, sometimes all it takes is a suspiciously elegant turn of phrase or a sophisticated syntactical structure to raise a red flag… View full article by expert […]

A deadly crisis: mapping the spread of America’s drug overdose epidemic

The Guardian Alexander Walley, School of Medicine Overdoses kill more Americans than car crashes or guns – and experts say the crisis hasn’t yet peaked… Expert quote: “The simplistic idea was, ‘Oh, this is all about prescription opioids, and therefore that’s all we need to do: reduce the supply of prescription opioids and we’ll reduce […]