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A deadly crisis: mapping the spread of America’s drug overdose epidemic

The Guardian Alexander Walley, School of Medicine Overdoses kill more Americans than car crashes or guns – and experts say the crisis hasn’t yet peaked… Expert quote: “The simplistic idea was, ‘Oh, this is all about prescription opioids, and therefore that’s all we need to do: reduce the supply of prescription opioids and we’ll reduce […]

I’ve seen 21 years of COP failures. Paris needs to deliver action, not talk

The Guardian By Adil Najam, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies Climate change is having a profound impact on my country, Pakistan, but talk of binding agreements at COP 21 is dismissed as ‘unrealistic’… View full article by expert Adil Najam

The Mexico City earthquake, 30 years on: have the lessons been forgotten?

The Guardian Susan Eckstein, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies The devastation of the 1985 Mexico City earthquake was swift. In just over a minute – in the early hours of 19 September, while the city was still asleep – 100,000 houses crumbled, 5,000 people died and roughly five million residents […]

Government launches video to tackle sexual assault rates in US colleges

The Guardian Katharine Silbaugh, School of Law As part of a campaign to lower sexual assault rates on college campuses, the Obama administration has released a new public service announcement, a reminder to viewers that sex without consent is rape… Expert quote: “Many colleges and universities feel a new kind of urgency but don’t yet […]

Ketamine control plan condemned as potential disaster for world’s rural poor

The Guardian Richard Laing, School of Public Health A proposal that is about to come before the UN to restrict global access to ketamine, a drug abused in rich countries, would deprive millions of women of lifesaving surgery in poor countries, according to medicines campaigners… Expert quote: “This would be an absolute disaster for low-resource […]

Model life: to call it indentured servitude is no exaggeration

The Guardian Ashley Mears, College of Arts & Sciences Runway models, who are the faces of desirability and luxury, are in fact caught in the middle of deeply unequal and borderline exploitative labor relations… Expert quote: “Women’s bodies lend status, or are status signifiers of luxury, especially to men. Women are central to showing off […]