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Islamic State sets up ‘ministry of antiquities’ to reap the profits of pillaging

The Telegraph Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) has established a “ministry of antiquities” to maximise the profits from looting priceless artefacts across the territory it controls… Expert quote: “The bottom line is that it’s funding terrorism – and the deaths of Iraqi and Syrian people.” […]

Using iPads to pacify children may harm their development, say scientists

The Telegraph Jenny Radesky, School of Medicine Children throwing tantrums should be given time to calm down on their own rather than distracted with tablets or smartphones, say researchers… Expert quote: “Mobile devices are everywhere and children are using them frequently at young ages. The impact these mobile devices are having on the development and […]

Evolution to blame for bad backs, dropped arches and impacted wisdom teeth, say scientists

The Daily Telegraph Jeremy DeSilva, College of Arts & Sciences While the process of natural selection allowed humans to become much more advanced than other primates, it is also to blame for many of the maladies we suffer from today… Expert quote: “This is essentially the biological equivalent of paper clips and duct tape. Even […]