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Democrats’ Impossible Dream of Getting Hyde Repealed

The Atlantic Khiara Bridges, School of Law It was the end of September, 1976… Expert quote: Hyde “has always been understood as a compromise,” said Khiara Bridges, a professor of law at Boston University. “It allows pro-choice folks to be happy because women—‘women’ being read as ‘wealthier women’—to have access to purchasing these services in […]

How Trigger Warnings Silence Religious Students

The Atlantic Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences Last week, the University of Chicago’s dean of students sent a welcome letter to freshmen decrying trigger warnings and safe spaces—ways for students to be warned about and opt out of exposure to potentially challenging material… Expert quote: As the Boston University professor Stephen Prothero put […]

Why the Courts Can’t Save LGBT Americans From Discrimination

The Atlantic Michael Harper, School of Law Some United States judges would like to protect transgender kids from discrimination at school… Expert quote: “You’re treating them differently because of their sexual activity, or the sexual activity in which they want to engage—that’s closer to activities or desires, rather than sexual status.” View full article