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Being Black at America’s Elite Public High Schools

The Atlantic Sherell McArthur, School of Education The complacency and inaction of school administrators following incidents of racism isn’t confined to colleges campuses… Expert quote: “Schools of education must do a better job of ensuring that issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice are values of their teacher education programs.” View full article

Containing ISIS: What Would George Kennan Do?

The Atlantic By Jessica Stern, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies The West can defeat the Islamic State in the territory it now controls. But it would take a massive ground invasion, and the results would be temporary at best… View full article by expert Jessica Stern

How Fairness Develops in Kids Around the World

The Atlantic Peter Blake, College of Arts & Sciences A study of seven countries shows that all children hate getting less than their peers, but only some hate getting more… Expert quote: “They start out with this very self-focused idea that they recognize unfairness when it’s unfair to me,” says Blake. “It takes more years […]