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Regulating the web: what's at stake in FCC net neutrality vote By T. Barton Carter, Boston University On Thursday the Federal Communications Commission is scheduled to vote on new open internet access regulations, often referred to as net neutrality rules. The nitty gritty details have yet to be disclosed, although the FCC is expected to […]

Fox may go dark on Thanksgiving

Boston Globe (subscription required) T. Barton Carter, College of Communication Turkey. Cranberry sauce. Football. Everyone knows what to expect out of a Thanksgiving celebration. But that Eagles-Cowboys game could be off the menu for hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts consumers… Expert quote: “Broadcasters started demanding more and cable companies have sometimes given in. Sometimes it’s gone […]

T-Mobile’s Legere Sputters Over FTC’s Cramming Accusations

E-Commerce Times T. Barton Carter, College of Communication T-Mobile’s efforts to market itself as the un-carrier that puts customers first may be impacted by the United States Federal Trade Commission’s allegations that it has engaged in “cramming” — charging consumers for services offered by third-party companies without the consumers’ knowledge or authorization… Expert quote: “Turning over a […]

‘Pirate’ radio dots the suburbs

Boston Globe (subscription required) T. Barton Carter, College of Communication A government-enforced shutdown last month of three unlicensed community radio stations providing programming to ethnically diverse neighborhoods underscored the prevalence of so-called “pirate radio” not just in Boston, but also in its suburbs… Expert quote: “There just is an availability issue.” View full article

Aereo’s $97 million question for the Supreme Court

Boston Globe (subscription required) T. Barton Carter, College of Communication If you’re old enough to remember the days when VCRs and Betamax video recorders represented cutting-edge technology, you probably remember the controversy that accompanied them. You could record movies and TV shows off the air, and lend the tapes to your friends… Expert quote: “When it’s a mix of […]