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Experts Media Alert – Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba and the U.S.

From Sept. 19-27, Pope Francis is scheduled for an historic visit to both Cuba and the United States. The pope‘s voyage to Cuba will reinforce the newly formed ties between the U.S. and Cuba. U.S. President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raúl Castro credited Pope Francis with helping broker recent diplomatic talks between the two nations. While in the U.S., Pope Francis will address Congress […]

How ‘The Colbert Report’ Has Given a ‘Bump’ to Academic Guests

Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required) Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences While in character as a pompous and self-aggrandizing TV host, Stephen Colbert has invited a steady stream of academics to his show, The Colbert Report, to scold and ridicule them… Expert quote: “What he really cares about, I think, is learning, and education.” View […]

Religious knowledge vital in ‘furiously religious’ world, experts say

Deseret News Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences The noise level in the ballroom rose sharply as a group of about 30 students began discussing one of the hot-button issues of our time — religion… Expert quote: “There’s a lot of secular people or post-religious people in the United States, but the world is […]