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Academia wrestles anew with how freely words can flow

Boston Globe Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences When the University of Chicago recently came out against the use of so-called “trigger warnings,” saying they represented a danger to campus free speech, it represented something of a rarity… Expert quote: “The [fear] is that ‘Oh, God, all of a sudden we have censorship at […]

How Trigger Warnings Silence Religious Students

The Atlantic Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences Last week, the University of Chicago’s dean of students sent a welcome letter to freshmen decrying trigger warnings and safe spaces—ways for students to be warned about and opt out of exposure to potentially challenging material… Expert quote: As the Boston University professor Stephen Prothero put […]

Christian tourism: When business and religion collide

Cincinnati Enquirer Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences In less than two weeks, tourists can board a life-sized recreation of Noah’s Ark in northern Kentucky, a tourist attraction advertised as the closest to the legendary ship of the Bible that modern civilization can build… Expert quote: “When it comes to evangelism, there is always a tension between being […]

Trump’s Indiana win raises unsettling questions for GOP

Christian Science Monitor Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences Donald Trump became the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Tuesday, winning the Indiana primary as Ted Cruz dropped out. It punctuates the power of the populist rebellion against the GOP elite… View full article quoting expert Stephen Prothero  

The puzzle of the Trump evangelical vote

World Religion News Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences As the race to the Republican and Democratic presidential nominations heats up, the two frontrunners from each side, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, fight on to keep their leads and secure the necessary amount of delegates to land the nomination for the presidential election this […]

Christian conservatives, and Southern politics, fear they’re under siege

McClatchy Newspapers Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences Inside the Sunshine Coin Laundry near the Piggly Wiggly supermarket, Lagretta Ellington removed her family’s clothes from one of the large dryers and began to neatly fold them on a nearby table… Expert quote: “You don’t have to be a cynic to see ways in which […]

Obama to visit a mosque, and wade deeper into America’s war over Islam By Stephen Prothero, College of Arts & Sciences When President Obama travels to the Islamic Society of Baltimore on Wednesday, he will be doing more than making his first presidential visit to an American mosque. He will be wading into a culture war over Islam that has been raging in the United States since […]