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Failure to warn: Hundreds died while taking an arthritis drug, but nobody alerted patients

STAT News quoting David Felson, School of Medicine “When a new remedy for rheumatoid arthritis arrived, ads called it a “unique” breakthrough that would “transform expectations” for patients and doctors…” Expert quote: “I can foresee the possibility that in five years there’s another hearing like the one on Vioxx, where the cardiologists … say to […]

Health officials set to release a list of drugs everyone on Earth should be able to access

STAT News quoting Richard Laing, School of Public Health “Once every two years, the World Health Organization releases a list of medications it thinks should be available, if needed, to all the people of the Earth…” Expert quote: “It was the concept that some medicines were more essential than others, which meant that some medicines […]

Not just Colombia: Novartis has charged more for some drugs in Mexico, too

STAT News  Veronika Wirtz, School of Public Health As Novartis grapples with controversy over its pricing in Colombia, internal company data show the drug maker has also charged higher prices for some widely used medicines in other Latin American countries — notably, Mexico — than in many wealthy nations… Expert quote: ““This raises questions as to why […]

O Canada: What our neighbors to the north can teach us about health care reform

STAT News co-written by Sandro Galea, School of Public Health “The stunning implosion on Friday of the American Health Care Act, the Republican Party’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), may have been a defeat for President Trump and his party, but it certainly isn’t the end of the push to reform health care […]

S scientists accuse Turkish researcher of spiriting away their idea — and claiming it as her own

STAT News Catherine Klapperich, College of Engineering Catherine Klapperich was at home one night recently when she pulled up the news coverage… Expert quote: ““Seeing it on TV, it’s so visceral. You click on the link, and I gasped, like, ‘Oh my gosh, how can this be?’” said Klapperich, a biomedical engineer at Boston University.” […]

No red line against CRISPR’ing early embryos, experts rule

STAT News George Annas, School of Public Health For more than a year, 22 of the world’s leading geneticists, bioethicists, physicians, and legal scholars have been wrestling with thorny questions posed by the revolutionary advances in scientists’ ability to edit the human genome… Expert quote: “Bioethicist George Annas of Boston University, who reviewed the report […]

Meeting with Trump emboldens anti-vaccine activists, who see an ally in the Oval Office

STAT News Sandro Galea, School of Public Health The discredited researcher who launched the anti-vaccine movement met with Donald Trump this summer — and found him sympathetic to the cause… Expert quote: “They’re less likely to engage regular opportunities for their children to get vaccinated. Simple as that.” View full article