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Still sick 25 years after the Gulf War, a vet seeks answers — and the Minneapolis VA may have them

Star Tribune Roberta White, School of Public Health It’s been 25 years, and Chad Donovan still wonders which toxic hazard in the Gulf War might have caused the fatigue, stomach problems and rashes he has suffered ever since… Expert quote: “The VA wasted millions of dollars on stress as the predictor.” View full article

Seeking to cut drug arrests, Shakopee police offer addicts money to stay clean

Star Tribune David Rosenbloom, School of Public Health Shakopee police are recycling money seized during drug arrests to offer as much as $3,000 to addicts for treatment… Expert quote: “What you are seeing is the pent-up frustration of police officers. In the past, [they] have been given a set of tools and expectations that didn’t […]