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Where Is the Outcry Over Children Killed by U.S.-Led Forces?

Scientific American Neta Crawford, Colleges of Arts & Sciences For years, I’ve tried to get more people—and especially Americans, citizens of the most militaristic nation on Earth–to agree with me that war that must be abolished. One simple–some would say simplistic–argument I’ve tried is this: war is wrong because killing children is wrong, and children […]

In a Foreign Language, “Killing 1 to Save 5” May Be More Permissible

Scientific American By Catherine Caldwell-Harris, College of Arts & Sciences In Eva Hoffman’s memoir of being a bilingual and bicultural immigrant to America from Poland, she describes two languages competing and commanding in her head:… View full article by expert Catherine Caldwell-Harris

The Riddle of What Is Killing Thousands of Central American Cane Workers

Scientific American “Talking Back Blog” Daniel Brooks, School of Public Health “Why the Silence Comandante Ortega?” That paraphrasing of a headline from the great Spanish daily El Pais introduced a story in the paper on the difficulties that Nicaragua has  faced in coming to grips with the death and disability wrought by a still-unexplained kidney disease epidemic… Expert quote: […]

Wired Forest May Reveal How New England Forests Respond to Climate Change

Scientific American Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Monitoring a forest in New Hampshire provides clues to how important trees, such as maples, respond to changed conditions due to global warming… Expert quote: “It’s somewhat counterintuitive, but snow actually acts like a blanket. And so if you have a sufficient snowpack on the ground, […]