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Experts take strong stance on testosterone deficiency, treatment

Science Daily Abdulmaged Traish, School of Medicine In an effort to address widespread concerns related to testosterone deficiency (TD) and its treatment with testosterone therapy, a group of international experts has developed a set of resolutions and conclusions to provide clarity for physicians and patients… Expert quote: “The medical and scientific communities are still largely […]

Social thinking in the infant brain revealed

Science Daily Helen Tager-Flusberg, College of Arts & Sciences An innovative collaboration between neuroscientists and developmental psychologists that investigated how infants’ brains process other people’s action provides the first evidence that directly links neural responses from the motor system to overt social behavior in infants… Expert quote: “This research tells us that, by the middle […]

How do we imagine a novel object?

Science Daily Andrey Vyshedskiy, Metropolitan College While there is general consensus that the ability to imagine a never-before-seen object or concept is a unique human trait, we know little about the neurological mechanism behind it… Expert quote: “Since researchers can often identify several object-selective neurons within a single patient, multiple novel pairings of objects can […]

Belief in immortality hard-wired? Study examines development of children’s ‘prelife’ reasoning

Science Daily Deborah Kelemen, College of Arts & Sciences Natalie Emmons, College of Arts & Sciences By examining children’s ideas about “prelife,” the time before conception, researchers found results which suggest that our bias toward immortality is a part of human intuition that naturally emerges early in life… Expert quotes: Kelemen — “This work shows […]

Symbiotic Fungi Inhabiting Plant Roots Have Major Impact On Atmospheric Carbon, Scientists Say

Science Daily Adrien Finzi, College of Arts & Sciences Microscopic fungi that live in plants’ roots play a major role in the storage and release of carbon from the soil into the atmosphere, according to a University of Texas at Austin researcher and his colleagues at Boston University and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute… Expert […]

Researchers Capture Images of Open Channel That Moves Proteins Across Cell Membranes

Science Daily Christopher Akey, School of Medicine Similar to passengers on an urban transit system, every protein made in the cell has a specific destination and function… Expert quote: “Similar to train cars that transport passengers through a tunnel, SecY/Sec61 channels help nascent proteins move across the cell membrane to reach their target in the […]