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Don’t Dismiss Whiteness Project—But Don’t Glorify It Either

Takepart Phillipe Copeland, School of Social Work If you haven’t yet heard about Whiteness Project, it’s a lot like a MTV Real World confessional for Caucasians. You find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real…when other races aren’t around… Expert quote: “When you’re talking about white supremacy, you’re talking about a system of […]

Debunking the myth of the family dinner

The Globe and Mail Daniel Miller, School of Social Work Over the years, it’s become accepted wisdom that home-cooked family meals make for happier and healthier children. Studies suggests those casseroles and pot roasts protect kids from obesity, decrease the likelihood of drug use, depression and delinquency, and boost academic performance… Expert quote: “In our […]

Building a sustained commitment to children Mary Elizabeth Collins, School of Social Work It is a mistake to think that the recent tragic deaths of children under supervision of the Department for Children and Families are unique to Vermont. Sadly, Massachusetts and Connecticut have recently shared this experience and the resulting outrage… View full article by expert Mary Elizabeth Collins

Experts see an elder vote evolution

Herald-Tribune Robert Hudson, School of Social Work The stereotype of the “greedy geezer” voter, a political bloc of 65-and-older Americans who hate taxes but love their government entitlements, is a figment of the public imagination, according to election data… Expert quote: “We spent years trying to get old people on the political agenda. Now we […]