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Making People Wait After Buying A Gun Could Save 900 Lives A Year

Newsweek Michael Siegel Making would-be gun owners wait just a few days between purchase and possession could dramatically reduce deaths from handgun violence, a new study found… Expert quote: “Future research should try to tease out the the independent relationship of waiting periods, permit requirements, and background checks on firearm violence rates.” View full article

Latest disasters stir Katrina veterans’ memories

Houma Today Sandro Galea Don’t give up. Do get counseling. Don’t look back. Survivors coped with problems for years after Hurricane Katrina decimated coastal Mississippi and Louisiana and flooded New Orleans… Expert quote: “The people who are affected by these events disproportionately are always people who are marginalized, who are under social and economic strain […]

Heated, smokeless tobacco could surpass e-cigarettes, study finds

The San Diego Union-Tribune Michael Siegel Cigarette smoking foes face a new challenge: tobacco products that are heated but not burned, according to a study led by a San Diego State University researcher… Expert quote: “In addition, little is known about the potential market for a heat-not-burn product in the United States. Also unclear is whether […]

We Talked To Five Public-Health Experts About The Cdc’s New Anti-Opioid Campaign. They Don’t Think It’s Going To Work. – Getting people to eschew risky painkiller prescriptions isn’t as easy as persuading them to buy body wash, researchers warn.

Pacific Standard William DeJong Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) launched an advertising campaign aimed at reducing addictions and deaths that are linked to prescription opioids. Expert quote: “It wasn’t until there were changes in policy and enforcement, changes in the law, coupled with offering steps you could take to avoid it, like the designated […]