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Activists: Planned Parenthood admits guilt in its new fetal research policy

Boston Herald George Annas, School of Public Health The anti-abortion activists who targeted Planned Parenthood with undercover videos say the organization’s new policy barring reimbursement for fetal tissue is “an admission of guilt,” and are calling for more details… Expert quote: “They just don’t need the aggravation. They know they’re not going to be left […]

Scottish Nurse Who Recovered From Ebola Is Back In Isolation

NPR “Goats and Soda Blog” Sandro Galea, School of Public Health A Scottish nurse who recovered from Ebola in January has been medevaced from Glasgow to London in a Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules transport plane specially equipped for infection control… Expert quote: “There’s a lot that we don’t understand about this particular disease.” View full […]

Unpredictable virus means no one can promise last year’s flu season won’t happen again

Modern Healthcare Christopher Gill, School of Public Health After last year’s devastating flu season, which hospitalized the largest number of seniors in the U.S. ever recorded, public health officials have had to assure providers that the flu vaccines they’re getting right about now will work… Expert quote: “We’re committing to which flu strains we’re going […]

90% of US Homes Are Under Insulated, Study Says

Green Building Elements Jonathan Levy, School of Public Health Based on new research, the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) estimates that roughly 90 percent of existing US single family homes are under insulated, wasting energy and money, and decreasing comfort for homeowners… Expert quote: “If all U.S. homes were fitted with insulation based on […]