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Stricter gun laws tied to fewer fatal police shootings

Reuters quoting Ziming Xuan, School of Public Health “U.S. states with tighter restrictions on the purchase and use of guns and ammunitions may have fewer fatal police shootings than places with more permissive firearm policies, a recent study suggests…” Expert quote: “However, based on the research literature, contrary to the common notion that people often […]

Health officials set to release a list of drugs everyone on Earth should be able to access

STAT News quoting Richard Laing, School of Public Health “Once every two years, the World Health Organization releases a list of medications it thinks should be available, if needed, to all the people of the Earth…” Expert quote: “It was the concept that some medicines were more essential than others, which meant that some medicines […]

7 Things That Will Happen If 14 Million More People Are Uninsured Next Year

Huffington Post quoting Alan Sager, School of Public Health “Next year, about 14 million more Americans could be uninsured if the House-passed version of health care becomes law, according to the Congressional Budget Office analysis, a more pressing issue than the estimated 23 million expected to be affected by 2026…” Expert quote: “The revenue cuts […]