It’s time for an uncomfortable discussion about what it really means to engineer a ‘better baby’

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It’s time for an uncomfortable discussion about what it really means to engineer a ‘better baby’

Business Insider George Annas, School of Public Health New genetic editing technologies that are becoming more refined every day could soon allow us to make edits to the genome of a human embryo,… Expert quote: “Humans have more flaws than we know what to do with,” says Annas. “One of them is that we don’t […]

Enthusiasm for personalized medicine is premature, prominent public health scholars argue

Medical Xpress Sandro Galea, School of Public Health The increasing national focus on personalized or ‘precision’ medicine is misguided, distracting from broader investments to reduce health inequities and address the social factors that affect population health, two leading public health scholars argue in the New England Journal of Medicine… Expert quote: “There is now broad […]

CDC’s brash top modeler makes disease estimates and courts controversy

Associated Press David Ozonoff, School of Public Health Last fall, when Martin Meltzer calculated that 1.4 million people might contract Ebola in West Africa, the world paid attention… Expert quote: “The way risk assessment is done in this country is the policy makers shoot the arrow and the risk assessors paint a target around it. […]

Fetal Tissue From Abortions for Research Is Traded in a Gray Zone

New York Times (subscription required) George Annas, School of Public Health Videos released by an anti-abortion group during the last two weeks have drawn attention to a little-known practice: the buying, selling and research use of fetal tissue acquired from abortion clinics… Expert quote: “They won’t be real happy that this is all out in […]

Are E-Cigarettes’ Popularity Causing More Teens to Smoke?

Forbes Michael Siegel, School of Public Health As cigarette use continues its historical drop among teens and e-cigarette use has begun climbing, one question looms large for public health officials: will the popularity of e-cigarettes undo all the progress made in reducing teen smoking rates?… Expert quote: “Right now, the current evidence suggests the opposite: […]