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Long-term birth control is the most reliable. So why do so few young women use it?

Washington Post Kristyn Brandi, School of Medicine For many women this college graduation season, the primary reason to see a doctor soon after graduation may be to get birth control… Expert quote: “The hormones released by IUDs stay locally in the uterus, says Kristyn Brandi, an OB/GYN at Boston University.” View full article

In drunken-driving cases, Melanie’s Law is rarely used

Boston Globe Richard Saitz, School of Medicine “Cassandra Schutt pleaded for justice for her father, killed by a driver whose blood-alcohol level was 0.25, more than three times the legal limit…” Expert quote: “For some reason, probably because drinking is so ingrained and normal in our culture, society takes its harms less seriously,” he said. […]

New Report Charts Ways to Expedite Research During Epidemics

Scientific American Gerald Keusch, School of Medicine “When the largest Ebola outbreak in history exploded across West Africa in 2014, public health authorities raced to test experimental vaccines and drugs they hoped would quell the massive epidemic…” Expert quote: “There will be one. The more we can start now, the better we’ll be.” View full […]

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CBS News John Renner, School of Medicine You’re heading into surgery soon and your doctor has told you that you’re going to need prescription painkillers… Expert quote: “It’s more important than ever that you have a frank discussion with your doctor ahead of surgery about what he or she is giving you for pain control […]