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Bitcoin Scandals Increase Skepticism About Currency’s Trustworthiness Mark Williams, School of Management Even as mainstream awareness about bitcoin and its possibilities has grown over the past year, the digital currency’s volatility has become a cause of worry for investors… Expert quote: “Bitcoin is built with clay feet. It isn’t built with a focus on trust.” View full article

Let Them Eat Burgers

Bloomberg James Post, School of Management Shake Shack shook up Wall Street on Jan. 30. With investors eager to buy into New York restaurateur Danny Meyer’s thoroughly modern vision of a burger joint (complete with beer and wine), the company was able to sell its shares for more than it originally planned. And the stock price […]

A Millennial’s Guide to Retirement David Griswold, School of Management There’s been a lot of media hype that Generation Y will be in for a rude awakening come retirement because it’s said that they aren’t saving or getting jobs that pay well. Oh, and they’re not financially literate, either, according to… Expert quote: “Buying a car is an investment. Don’t borrow for […]

Mind Your Manners, Companies Are Rating You

New York Times (subscription required) Georgios Zervas, School of Management People routinely use the Internet to review services from plumbers to hairdressers. Now the tables are turned. Companies are rating their customers, casting into darkness those who do not make the grade… Expert quote: “There are incentives that encourage the overreporting of positive experiences and […]