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When Robots Take Bad Jobs

The Atlantic James Bessen, School of Law James Ford worked at various printing presses for decades, eventually becoming head pressman at a bookbinding shop in Michigan… Expert quote: “This, in turn, exacerbates inequality, said James Bessen, a lecturer at the Boston University School of Law who studies innovation.” View full article

Trump’s illegal immigration moves could embolden unscrupulous employers

The Boston Globe Julie Dahlstrom, School of Law “Boston-area legal advocates warn that the Trump administration’s new crackdown on illegal immigration will have the additional consequence of giving more power to employers who underpay undocumented workers and subject them to unsafe conditions…” Expert Quote: “There is a profound sense of fear and anxiety. I think that’s […]

Section 35: Saving the lives of addicts that don’t want to be saved

Fox25 News Sean Kealy, School of Law “Lowell police officer Kevin Garneau’s phone never stops ringing and answering isn’t optional.” Expert Quote: “The key here is there’s this likelihood of substantial harm. The system is hoping to prevent people from harming themselves or others. At times, it’s essential to getting into these secure settings so […]

#Resist: How a hashtag is uniting Americans in the fight against Trump

Mashable David Lyons, School of Law Among the millions of vibrant, emotional images of protest packing our timelines since Donald Trump’s inauguration, one simple six-letter word has stood out: Resist… Expert quote: “They’re worried they’re going to lose what [rights] they have gained,” said David Lyons, a legal philosopher at Boston University, noting that members of […]

Joni Ernst on target describing ’11th-hour’ Obama rule affecting Planned Parenthood

Politifact Gary Lawson, School of Law At this year’s March for Life — the annual anti-abortion rally in Washington — Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, decried a federal rule implemented in the waning days of President Barack Obama’s administration… Expert quote: “I would not quibble about the use of ‘entrench’ in this context,” said Boston University law professor Gary […]