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Powerful Investors Push Big Companies to Plan for Climate Change

Scientific American David Webber Fortune 500 corporations like Chevron and Kinder Morgan are facing renewed pressure from climate-focused activist investors. This year some of the most powerful shareholders, which include giant mutual funds, are supporting the push for businesses to respond to climate change. And the prodding has had more effect than ever before. Expert […]

A monkey lost his copyright case—but made strides toward getting animals more legal rights

Quartz Steven Wise A monkey lost his copyright case—but made strides toward getting animals more legal rights… Expert Quote: “For example, the 13th Amendment of the US constitution immunizes us from slavery,” Wise said. “But there is no associated duty for individuals. We are simply assured by the constitution that we can’t be enslaved.” View […]

In Immigration Case, Supreme Court To Decide If ‘Time Stopped’ For Man On Martha’s Vineyard

WBUR Sarah Sherman-Stokes The U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments Monday in Pereira v. Sessions, a case that, for thousands of immigrants, could mean the difference between staying in the country and being deported. Expert quote: “There’s something called 10-year cancellation of removal, but that’s only eligible to folks who have been here for 10 […]

Donald Trump’s tweets can’t hurt Amazon, but here’s how the government could crack down

CNBC Keith Hylton President Donald Trump‘s tweets about Amazon aren’t going to make regulatory action against the company more likely, according to antitrust experts… Expert quote: “I still believe there’s a fair amount of independence both within the DOJ and the FTC from the president. The norms and procedures with the agencies don’t change much across […]