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Is an AT&T-Time Warner merger less likely under a Clinton presidency?

Christian Science Monitor Keith Hylton, School of Law It would be reasonable to expect American voters who worry about the impact big business mergers could have on the economy to gravitate toward the Democratic presidential nominee. Expert quote: “For the most part, Republicans have been much more relaxed about mergers, and it’s typical for someone […]

Robots Could Replace 1.7 Million American Truckers in the Next Decade

Transport Topics James Bessen, School of Law Robots’ march into vehicles, factories, stores and offices could also profoundly deepen inequality… Expert quote: “Automation tends to replace low-wage jobs with high-wage jobs. The people whose skills become obsolete are low-wage workers, and to the extent that it’s difficult for them to acquire new skills, it affects inequality.” […]

Democrats’ Impossible Dream of Getting Hyde Repealed

The Atlantic Khiara Bridges, School of Law It was the end of September, 1976… Expert quote: Hyde “has always been understood as a compromise,” said Khiara Bridges, a professor of law at Boston University. “It allows pro-choice folks to be happy because women—‘women’ being read as ‘wealthier women’—to have access to purchasing these services in […]

Congress Still Waiting To Excoriate Wells Fargo’s Stumpf Even After Clawbacks

The Street Cornelius Hurley, School of Law, Center for Finance, Law & Policy A move by Wells Fargo‘s board to cancel a total of $60 million in stock awards to CEO John Stumpf and retiring consumer banking chief Carrie Tolstedt isn’t expected to appease lawmakers awaiting a chance to excoriate the mega-bank’s chief executive at […]