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Tennessee education collaborative shows need for diverse teachers

The Tennessean Travis Bristol, School of Education As the Tennessee State Board of Education continues to look at boosting the recruitment of a diverse teacher workforce, it also seeks to bolster efforts by statewide groups working to better target diverse teaching candidates… Expert quote: “In quantitative and qualitative data, it shows there is an added value (to having a diverse […]

Professor Voices — How can parents teach children about what happened in Orlando?

After a horrific event, such as the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, the extreme violence at Sandy Hook, or this weekend’s mass shooting in Orlando, parents around the world are faced with a unique challenge: they must help their children cope with the news and help them comprehend what happened. Particularly when dealing with young children, this can be a tricky […]

Being Black at America’s Elite Public High Schools

The Atlantic Sherell McArthur, School of Education The complacency and inaction of school administrators following incidents of racism isn’t confined to colleges campuses… Expert quote: “Schools of education must do a better job of ensuring that issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and social justice are values of their teacher education programs.” View full article

College friends can ease the pain of past bullying

Deccan Chronicle Melissa Holt, School of Education Jennifer Greif Green, School of Education A new study shows some cautious optimism for bullied students moving into college… Expert quotes: Holt: “Nobody in the field had really focused on college as an environment. Would entering college be a time of heightened risk? Or would the new environment […]