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8 Foods That Help You Sleep

Healthy Women quoting Joan Salge Blake, Sargent College “Just about everyone has his or her favorite bedtime ritual…” Expert quote: “Registered dietitian Joan Salge Blake points to research suggesting that drinking tart cherry juice before bedtime may help you fall asleep, due to its melatonin content ‘which can help you sleep better and longer.’” View […]

Is Cold Brew as Healthy as Regular Coffee? referencing Joan Salge Blake, Sargent College “There’s no more refreshing way to get a caffeine kick on a sweltering day than by sipping an iced coffee…” Expert reference: “This means it can be easier on the digestive system, particularly for people who struggle with heartburn or a sensitive stomach, explains Joan Salge Blake, RD, clinical associate professor at Boston University and author of Nutrition & […]