Silicon Valley’s advertisements aren’t just selling products — they’re selling an ideology

Salon quoting John Carroll, College of Communication “A man and woman are awakened by the cooing alarm emanating from a massive wall-mounted touchscreen…” Expert quote: “Technology advertising is especially interesting because what it’s doing is saying all technological advances are good and all technology is beneficial to the people who will be lucky enough to […]

Sickness that lasts a lifetime: Survivors of the gas attack in Syria face long-term illness

Salon Kimberly Sullivan, School of Public Health “A horrified world watched the agonizing deaths of civilian men, women, and children in Syria writhing in pain as first responders frantically hosed off the cruel nerve toxin, sarin, from the bodies of victims suffering and dying while clutched in the arms of their loved ones…” Expert quote: […]

Little reality in Trump TV: Experts say the GOP front-runner’s reported desire to start a network is a pipedream

Salon John Carroll, College of Communication Donald Trump’s domination of television news coverage is among the most remarkable storylines of the 2016 election… Expert quote: “This is an indication of a shift in Trump’s relationship with the mainstream news media. He’s not getting the free ride that he got for a while.” View full article

Hit songs may be brainwashing you to drink more Michael Siegel, School of Public Health Drinking songs date back to the Middle Ages. So it’s not particularly surprising that a study of recent hit recordings finds nearly a quarter of them mention alcohol—and almost always in a positive light… Expert quote: “Many of the artists of these songs—particularly within the urban genre—have agreements with alcohol […]

I made Clarence Thomas laugh By Jay Wexler, School of Law When former Supreme Court law clerk Edward Lazarus published “Closed Chambers: The First Eyewitness Account of the Epic Struggles Inside the Supreme Court” in 1998, curious readers bought the book in droves to find out what really happens behind the scenes at the nation’s highest court… View article

Kagan’s Medicaid vote Kevin Outterson, School of Law During the debate over Elena Kagan’s Supreme Court nomination, those of us who opposed her selection argued that there was a substantial risk that she would join with the Court’s four right-wing Justices more often than her predecessor, John Paul Stevens, did, and more often than other potential nominees […]