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Still sick 25 years after the Gulf War, a vet seeks answers — and the Minneapolis VA may have them

Star Tribune Roberta White, School of Public Health It’s been 25 years, and Chad Donovan still wonders which toxic hazard in the Gulf War might have caused the fatigue, stomach problems and rashes he has suffered ever since… Expert quote: “The VA wasted millions of dollars on stress as the predictor.” View full article

Persian Gulf veterans still fighting for proper health care 25 years after war

Military Times Roberta White, School of Public Health Retired Marine Capt. David Winnett is grateful for his Tricare health program, which keeps him from having to go to the Veterans Affairs Department to treat his Gulf War-related illnesses… Expert quote: “The health problems of Gulf War veterans are not vague and extremely variable, as is often suggested. I cannot […]

Scientists call for more research on Gulf War illness

Futurity News Roberta White, School of Public Health As many as 250,000 US veterans of the 1990-91 Gulf War suffer from symptoms of a disorder that is likely caused by exposure to toxins, such as nerve gas… Expert quote: “The conclusions of the 2008 RAC report had a substantial impact on scientific and clinical thinking about Gulf […]

Witnesses tell Gulf War panel it needs more experts

USA Today Roberta White, School of Public Health Department of Veterans Affairs research should focus on physical, rather than psychological, causes for the ailments that constitute Gulf War illness, several veterans of the Persian Gulf War told an Institute of Medicine hearing Wednesday… Expert quote: “Some of the physical symptoms are associated with environmental exposure, […]