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Hobby Lobby Accused of Hypocrisy Amid Smuggling Case

Associated Press quoting Bob Murowchick, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “Hobby Lobby, the arts-and-crafts chain whose devout Christian owners won a landmark Supreme Court ruling on religious freedom, is caught up in an antiquities-smuggling scandal that has opened the company to accusations of hypocrisy…” Expert quote: “It’s like that scene in ‘Casablanca’: […]

Is this mysterious ancient amulet a snapshot of cultural innovation?

Christian Science Monitor Robert Murowchick, College of Arts & Sciences What can a corroded lump of metal say about the history of manufacturing? Quite a lot, scientists suggest. Expert quote: “This is a great example of how increasingly sophisticated materials science research is giving these silent objects a ‘voice,’ to allow the artifacts to ‘speak’ […]

Archaeology’s victims of war Robert Murowchick, College of Arts & Sciences, International Center for East Asian Archaeology & Cultural History The Middle East is largely considered to be the epicenter of the “cradle of civilization,” and has historic sites that date back thousands of years… Expert quote: “Unfortunately, there is no shortage of depressing case studies for the […]