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Maduro Claims Growing Support as Venezuelans Protest

Bloomberg Robert Loftis, College of Arts & Sciences Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the government was gaining support ahead of a “peace conference” he called for tomorrow following two weeks of protests that have killed 14 people… Expert quote: “If the U.S. accepts the nomination, it signals a softening of attitudes and opens the way for the […]

Coalition apologizes for killing Afghan child, seeks to shore up prospects of security deal

Washington Post Robert Loftis, College of Arts & Sciences The U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan apologized Friday for mistakenly killing a 2-year-old boy during an airstrike, the latest crisis to confront American officials hoping to finalize a long-term security agreement between the two countries… Expert quote: “If he represents what the majority of Afghans want, it’s going […]

The Last Time an American President Met an Iranian Leader

Time Robert Loftis, College of Arts & Sciences The much-hyped potential encounter between U.S. President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the UN during this week’s General Assembly would be the first in-person interaction between the two nations’ leaders since 1977… Expert quote: “If both sides want it to happen, then it will […]