Father Says Saugus Store Display Promotes Excessive College Drinking

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Does marijuana make it harder to quit other drugs?

Futurity News Richard Saitz, School of Public Health Because marijuana stimulates reward areas in the brain, people who smoke marijuana may find it more difficult to stop using other drugs and alcohol, a new study suggests. Researchers say the findings point to the possibility that addressing marijuana use during addiction treatment could improve treatment outcomes… Expert […]

Rethinking ‘the wagon’

Real Change News Richard Saitz, School of Medicine With new methods, including an anti-craving drug, alcoholics can moderate their drinking, study shows… Expert quote: “Treating this condition, it’s not a philosophy or religion. It’s a health issue, and there’s things that work and things that don’t work.” View full article

Easier Way for Doctors to Identify Substance Abuse?

HealthDay News Richard Saitz, School of Medicine A single question may help doctors determine whether a patient has a drug or alcohol problem and the level of abuse, a new study suggests… Expert quote: “We found that single questions may be useful in both screening and preliminary assessment of substance-use severity. Instead of extensive interviews or […]

Team-Based Addiction Care Not as Effective as Experts Hoped

Time Richard Saitz, School of Medicine To treat chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension, the gold standard now involves a coordinated, team-based approach… Expert quote: “It was very disappointing and surprising, actually. Chronic care management, which is a pretty robust intervention and way of delivering care to people with chronic illnesses, did not improve any […]

More Oversight Does Not Lower Alcohol Abuse, Study Says

United Press International Richard Saitz, School of Medicine People with alcohol and other drug dependence problems who receive more intensive therapies, such as counseling, social work assistance and other education activities, are no less likely to stop abusing these substances than those who receive typical primary care, according to a study from the Boston Medical […]

Intensive Substance-Abuse Treatment Fails to Deliver Better Results: Study

HealthDay News Richard Saitz, School of Medicine Treating drug and alcohol addiction with a concentrated approach called chronic care management may be no more effective than a single medical appointment and addiction referral, according to a new study… Expert quote: “We were completely surprised by the result. We put everything into this, and we were […]