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New Shark Sighting Off Massachusetts Coast Likely Same Great White In Kayak Attack

The Inquisitr Richard Murray, College of Arts & Sciences Just one day after a shark attack by a great white on two women kayaking off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts, a new shark sighting was reported about 400 yards off of Peggotty beach in Scituate, Masachusetts — a town approximately 20 miles from Plymouth… Expert quote: “There are seals […]

More shark sightings bring new warnings on South Shore

Patriot Ledger Richard Murray, College of Arts & Sciences Ocean swimmers and bathers south of Boston are being warned to take extra precautions as a recent shark sighting in Scituate and a shark encounter with kayakers in Plymouth drive home a simple lesson in marine biology: Seals mean sharks… Expert quote: “It doesn’t surprise me. […]

Officials, experts see no easy answers for aging sea walls

Patriot Ledger Richard Murray, College of Arts & Sciences From Quincy to Plymouth, sea walls are the last, and sometimes the only line of defense for coastal neighborhoods. But sea wall maintenance has often been low on the priority list, leaving communities with millions of dollars in catching up to do… Expert quote: “Sea walls […]

How You Can Help Typhoon Survivors, and Why This Shows We’ve Got to Fight Climate Change Richard Murray, College of Arts & Sciences “A state of national calamity:” Philippine President Benigno Aquino used this phrase to describe the devastation suffered in the central part of his country in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan… Expert quote: “Haiyan was tight, nearly perfectly circular, with incredibly high wind speeds. It is right out of the […]

Surf fans win fight to stop Newport wall

Boston Globe (subscription required) Richard Murray, College of Arts & Sciences In the litany of devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy’s terrible force, the collapse of an approximately 25-foot stretch of sidewalk along the rocky shore of Rhode Island would, at first glance, seem to be a speck unworthy of attention… Expert quote: “It would be […]

Despite powerful storms, home is where the sea is

Boston Globe (subscription required) Richard Murray, College of Arts & Sciences Stephen Berlo and his family have lived in a house on Scituate’s Lighthouse Road for 22 years… Expert quote: “This is consistent with everything climate scientists are talking about. And it’s also been predicted that we’re going to have larger storms and more frequent storms. It’s […]