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Health officials set to release a list of drugs everyone on Earth should be able to access

STAT News quoting Richard Laing, School of Public Health “Once every two years, the World Health Organization releases a list of medications it thinks should be available, if needed, to all the people of the Earth…” Expert quote: “It was the concept that some medicines were more essential than others, which meant that some medicines […]

Drug Prices in Boston Are Way Higher than the International Standard

Boston Magazine “Hub Health Blog” Richard Laing, School of Public Health As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, Boston is an expensive city. But rent prices aren’t the only costs reaching stratospheric levels: A new report says medications sold in Boston cost as much as 158 times more than the international standard… Expert quote: “Very few people pay […]

Boston pays 158 times higher prices for brand name drugs than international benchmark

Becker’s Hospital Review Richard Laing, School of Public Health Consumers in the U.S. generally pay more for prescription drugs than those in other countries. But prices vary from city to city, with Boston paying significantly more than the international benchmark pricing used by the World Health Organization, according to a report from STAT… Expert quote: “Very […]

Drug prices in Boston are dozens of times higher than overseas

STAT News Richard Laing, School of Public Health, Center for Global Health & Development Prescription drugs generally cost more in the US than in other countries… Expert quote: “The message is that consumers need to be aware of the range of prices and shop around. There’s a general lack of information about the prices of […]

Ketamine control plan condemned as potential disaster for world’s rural poor

The Guardian Richard Laing, School of Public Health A proposal that is about to come before the UN to restrict global access to ketamine, a drug abused in rich countries, would deprive millions of women of lifesaving surgery in poor countries, according to medicines campaigners… Expert quote: “This would be an absolute disaster for low-resource […]