New stash of legal opinions detail hurdles for Trump on emoluments ban

Politico Jay Wexler, School of Law Could wedding gifts sent to President Richard Nixon’s daughters and an offer of Irish citizenship extended to President John F. Kennedy provide the legal guideposts for President Donald Trump’s efforts to resolve conflicts of interests stemming from his business dealings in and with foreign countries?… Expert quote: “Nothing in […]

Could the American economy tank in 2016?

Politico Laurence Kotlikoff, College of Arts & Sciences 23 economic forecasts for the new year. Cc: 2016 candidates… Expert quote: “The country’s greatest economic risk resides in the financial markets as well as the general public A) learning precisely how broke the U.S. government is, B) realizing how much money the Federal Reserve has printed […]

The Islamic State paradox

Politico Jessica Stern, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies The French strikes on Islamic State positions following the Paris attacks point up the peculiar dual nature of this protean Salafi jihadist organization, whose ruthlessness, ability to capture and hold territory, significant financial resources, and strategic acumen make it a threat unlike […]

Uber vs. Laws – Will the “sharing economy” help kill off government regulation?

Politico Chrysanthos Dellarocas, Questrom School of Business The “sharing economy” has suddenly become a focal point of the presidential campaign, with candidates on all sides embracing companies like Uber for their disruptive, customer-focused innovation… Expert quote: “Most systems have a skewed distribution of ratings, which is actually skewed positively for the most part.” View full […]