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Ann McKee: The woman who fell in love with brains and changed football as we know it

Plain Dealer Ann McKee, School of Medicine Before young athletes died from the hits, before the teary-eyed families signed over their sons’ brains, before the power brokers of the NFL denied the findings, before protestors stained her as “The Woman Trying to Destroy Football,” Ann McKee was a Midwestern girl with a love of football […]

Non-concussion football head hits can cause brain changes, Cleveland Clinic-led study finds

Plain Dealer Robert Cantu, School of Medicine, Center for the Study of Traumatic Encephalopathy In practices and games, amateur and pro football players regularly experience head blows that don’t cause obvious concussion symptoms… Expert quote: “This is a very strong study to suggest that you don’t have to have any recognized concussions to have brain […]

Study shows climate change affecting the butterflies in Massachusetts

Plain Dealer Richard Primack, College of Arts & Sciences Here is some news that might interest butterfly enthusiasts:… Expert quote: “Butterflies are very responsive to temperature in a way comparable to flowering time, leafing out time, and bee flights. However, bird arrival times in the spring are much less responsive to temperature.” View full article