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In the mating game, science says, a deep voice helps

Philadelphia Inquirer Carolyn Hodges-Simeon, College of Arts & Sciences Ladies, which do you find more alluring: the soaring high notes of British crooner Sam Smith, or the deep, soulful tones of Barry White?… Expert quote: “Why would anyone care about the voice? It’s not like muscle. Muscle is something that could actually harm you.” View […]

‘Crack baby’ study ends with unexpected but clear result

Philadelphia Inquirer Deborah Frank, School of Medicine Jaimee Drakewood hurried in from the rain, eager to get to her final appointment at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia… Expert quote: “You can’t walk into a classroom and tell this kid was exposed and this kid was not.  Unfortunately, there are so many factors that affect poor kids. […]

Boston Marathon amputee victims face physical, mental challenges

Philadelphia Inquirer Jeffrey Kalish, School of Medicine Terence Keane, School of Medicine Boston Marathon bombing victims who lost their limbs will soon be heading from hospitals to rehabilitation facilities, but their path to recovery is just beginning… Expert quotes: Kalish: “Nearly all of the patients that have lost legs are already walking the halls with […]