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The science is in: God is the answer

Macleans Patrick McNamara, School of Medicine Eighteen years ago, Lisa Miller, now the director of clinical psychology at Columbia University’s Teachers College, had an epiphany on a New York subway car… Expert quote: “There are studies that show that religiosity is associated with better executive function and self-control. Those things are moderating factors on a […]

Those Who Know They’re Dreaming Are Savvier When Awake

The Atlantic Patrick McNamara, School of Medicine It’s probably fair to assume that at this moment, you are, in fact, awake. You’re reading; you’re scrolling; sometime in the not-too-distant past, you somehow made your way to The Atlantic’s website. All waking activities… Expert quote: “When you go back to sleep after being awake for a long […]

What Nightmares Can Reveal About Your Health Patrick McNamara, School of Medicine Are your dreams often disturbing? Nightmares can be the calling card of some serious physical health problems… Expert quote: “You need REM sleep to integrate current emotional material into long-term memory. If you disrupt REM sleep, whether through respiratory problems, intense hormonal changes or stress, that emotional content just sits […]