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Emerging Field of Urban Earth Science Can Help With Climate Plans

Next City Pam Templer, Lucy Hutyra, College of Arts & Sciences If the hundreds of cities that have signed on to the Compact of Mayors or other climate action commitments follow through on their promise to stem carbon emissions, their work will start with creating greenhouse gas budgets and specific plans… View full article

Urban soil emits a surprising amount of CO2

Grist Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Watch out, fossil fuels. There’s another CO2 emitter in town, and she’s been letting you take all the heat for greenhouse gases… Expert quote: “When people mulch their landscaped areas or fertilize their lawns, they’re putting out yummy fresh highly decomposable carbon that soil microbes can use. … And […]

A Web of Sensors Enfolds an Entire Forest to Uncover Clues to Climate Change

IEEE Spectrum Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Harvard’s experimental forest is wired up and down to study how changing conditions affect entire ecosystems… Expert quote: “We would love to have a crystal ball that says, ‘In 100 years the temperatures are going to increase by x and the forest is going to respond […]

The city is an ecosystem, pipes and all

Boston Globe (subscription required) Lucy Hutyra, College of Arts & Sciences Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Nathan Phillips, College of Arts & Sciences Is a tree trying to survive in the city better off than a tree growing in the forest? The obvious answer would seem to be “no”: City trees face pollution, […]

Less Snowfall may Harm Soil Quality and Tree Health, Study Suggests

Nature World News Pamela Templer, College of Arts & Sciences Tree growth and water system quality may be negatively impacted by milder winters in the coming years, according to a new study. Researchers from Boston University report that less snow cover associated with warmer winters will leave the ground exposed to prolonged freezing conditions, which will have consequences […]