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Repent And Believe In The Gospel! Over 300 Christian Theologians Challenge The Corruption Of U.S. Christianity

The Huffington Post Pamela Lightsey The Boston Declaration, condemning the abuse of the Christian faith by many conservatives today, was just written, signed and released by over 300 hundred Christian theologians attending the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature, an annual meeting of nearly 10,000 professionals in religion… Expert quote: “We […]

I was a civil rights activist in the 1960s. But it’s hard for me to get behind Black Lives Matter.

Washington Post Pamela Lightsey, School of Theology As the rapper Tef Poe sharply pointed out at a St. Louis rally in October protesting the death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.: “This ain’t your grandparents’ civil rights movement.”… View full article quoting expert Pamela Lightsey

Experts Media Alert – Pew Research Center study on America’s changing religious landscape

A new study by the Pew Research Center found that the share of Christians in the United States dropped from 78.4% to 70.6% between 2007 and 2014, while those Americans who say they are not religiously affiliated increased from 16.1% to 22.8% during the same period. What does mean for the future of religion in […]