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Why the South Is the Region With the Fewest Breweries

The Atlantic Nancy Ammerman, School of Theology It may be hard to imagine now, but American ale-drinkers previously had few alternatives to the mass-produced beers that The Economist once (not incorrectly) deemed “fizzy dishwater.”… Expert quote: “Between the two of them, they account for a very large proportion of the population in the South.” View […]

Fasting for Lent: Why evangelical Christian millennials are embracing the ritual

The Oregonian Karen Westerfield Tucker, School of Theology One year, 22-year-old Bethany Mark tried to go vegan. The next, she skipped coffee. Her annual spring fasts aren’t about bettering herself or saving the environment. They’re her 21st Century way of observing Lent, a 40-day Christian season of preparation for Easter… Expert quote: “Evangelicals are now coming […]