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Evangelical Christians becoming less opposed to gay marriage, poll finds

Reuters quoting Nancy Ammerman, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences/ School of Theology “U.S. groups who traditionally have opposed same-sex marriage, including Republicans and white evangelical Christians, have become much less steadfast in their objections, according to a new Pew Research Center poll…” Expert quote: “The generational divide among white evangelicals is especially […]

Professors, Students ‘Uncertain’ About Futures of Undocumented Peers

NBC Latino Rady Roldan-Figueroa, School of Theology For the past week Harvard sociologist Roberto Gonzales has comforted dozens of undocumented students who have called, texted and messaged him asking for guidance in the wake of the Donald Trump victory… Expert quote: “The students are really worried that the President-elect will carry out the promises of […]

And on the seventh day, many don’t rest at all

Boston Globe Nancy Ammerman, School of Theology People over age 40 can remember a time when, because of blue laws — the Colonial-era prohibitions against commercial activities on Sundays — most stores were closed and very little aside from praying, newspaper-reading, and loafing around happened on Sunday mornings… Expert quote: “That is the biggest dilemma. Once […]