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Mixed Verdicts In NECC Trial

WBUR Kevin Outterson, School of Law “The former co-owner of the New England Compounding Center, the pharmaceutical company at the center of a meningitis outbreak in 2012, has been found not guilty on the most serious charges in that trial but convicted of other charges…” Expert quote: “If a drug company is making [a drug], […]

Harvard Law is now accepting the GRE. Could other schools follow?

Boston Globe Maureen O’Rourke, School of Law “When the University of Arizona started accepting a generic graduate school exam for law school applicants last year, the national group that oversees such admissions chastised the university and threatened to oust it from its membership…” Expert quote: “If the test can be shown to be a reliable […]

Snoop Dogg likely won’t see jail time for Trump “Lavender” video, but there are some risks

Mic Andrew Sellars, School of Law In his “Lavender” music video released Sunday, Snoop Dogg aimed a fake gun at a parody version of President Donald Trump and pulled the trigger.” Expert Quote: “Not even close,” Sellars told Mic in a phone interview. “In order for a threat to the president to be punishable, it has to be […]