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Snoop Dogg likely won’t see jail time for Trump “Lavender” video, but there are some risks

Mic Andrew Sellars, School of Law In his “Lavender” music video released Sunday, Snoop Dogg aimed a fake gun at a parody version of President Donald Trump and pulled the trigger.” Expert Quote: “Not even close,” Sellars told Mic in a phone interview. “In order for a threat to the president to be punishable, it has to be […]

When Robots Take Bad Jobs

The Atlantic James Bessen, School of Law James Ford worked at various printing presses for decades, eventually becoming head pressman at a bookbinding shop in Michigan… Expert quote: “This, in turn, exacerbates inequality, said James Bessen, a lecturer at the Boston University School of Law who studies innovation.” View full article

Trump’s illegal immigration moves could embolden unscrupulous employers

The Boston Globe Julie Dahlstrom, School of Law “Boston-area legal advocates warn that the Trump administration’s new crackdown on illegal immigration will have the additional consequence of giving more power to employers who underpay undocumented workers and subject them to unsafe conditions…” Expert Quote: “There is a profound sense of fear and anxiety. I think that’s […]