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Keller @ Large: Big Win, Big Questions

WBZ Cornelius Hurley, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law That popping sound you heard all over Boston Wednesday? Champagne corks as the political establishment celebrated the news that General Electric will move its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut to Boston… Expert quote: “It’s all about jobs in the final analysis, and if […]

Fixing the broken antibiotics business model

Chemistry World Kevin Outterson, School of Law Warnings around antibiotic resistance have intensified over the past few years with scientists claiming the world is on the cusp of a post-antibiotic era… Expert quote: “That gives companies an incentive to sell more antibiotics, which drives resistance. It also keeps companies away from superbugs that might pose […]

Taxpayer demand for human help soars, despite IRS automation

Computerworld James Bessen, School of Law In the past decade, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has invested heavily in online self-service technology, including programs such as “Where’s my Refund?” … Expert quote: “People who are comfortable doing their own taxes without human help might still have questions about certain items.” View full article

One Step Closer To Collective Bargaining, Some Temp Workers Unionize

NPR “All Things Considered” Michael Harper, School of Law Advocates for temporary workers are celebrating a decision by the National Labor Relations Board to broaden the definition of joint employers — a move that could bring many temp workers closer to collective bargaining… Expert quote: “Oh, your employees formed a union, a temp agency? We’re […]