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BU researchers find link between pre-pregnancy obesity and infant death

Boston Business Journal (subscription required) Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health Boston University researchers have found a strong link between infant mortality and pre-pregnancy obesity, saying that physicians need to encourage patients looking to get pregnant to first be within certain weight ranges… Expert quote: “The findings suggest that primary care clinicians, OB-GYNs and midwives […]

Obesity Before Pregnancy Tied to Raised Risk of Newborn Death

HealthDay News Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health Infants whose mothers were obese before pregnancy appear to have an increased risk of death, according to a new study… Expert quote: “There is a need for more open, honest discussions about avoiding the possible risks of maternal obesity on infant health.” View full article

How Low-Cal Diets Thwart Diabetes: Study

Newsmax Orian Shirihai, School of Medicine Low-calorie diets have long been known to thwart diabetes. Now scientists believe they know how and why… Expert quote: “Our findings support the concept that the impact of diet on insulin secreting cells is mediated by signals traveling through the blood rather than the nutrients and metabolites themselves.” View […]

How do we imagine a novel object?

Science Daily Andrey Vyshedskiy, Metropolitan College While there is general consensus that the ability to imagine a never-before-seen object or concept is a unique human trait, we know little about the neurological mechanism behind it… Expert quote: “Since researchers can often identify several object-selective neurons within a single patient, multiple novel pairings of objects can […]

Most patients still given prescriptions for opioids after nonfatal opioid overdoses, study finds Marc LaRochelle, School of Medicine Most patients with chronic pain who have been hospitalized after an opioid overdose continue to receive prescription opioids, according to a new study led by researchers at Boston Medical Center… Expert quote: “This could be the result of patients not receiving emergency care where they receive outpatient care as […]