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Black patients half as likely to receive pain medication as white patients, study finds

The Guardian Astha Singhal, Goldman School of Dental Medicine Findings show racial bias in emergency room prescriptions for ‘non-definitive’ pain, as advocates say lack of diversity in medical field may exacerbate situation… Expert quote: “A black patient with the same level of pain and everything else being accounted for was much less likely to receive […]

Dying In Childbirth 2016: Maternal Death Rate In US Has Worsened Since 2000, Says New Study

Medical Daily Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health The maternal death rate in America is higher than we think and only getting worse, finds a new study published recently in Obstetrics & Gynecology… Expert quote: “The current maternal mortality rate places the United States far behind other industrialized nations. There is a need to redouble efforts to prevent […]

‘A National Embarrassment’: Maternal Mortality Rate Rises In The U.S.

WBUR “CommonHealth” Eugene Declercq, School of Public Health If keeping moms alive while pregnant and in the weeks just after birth is a good barometer of health care in a country, the U.S. looks pretty bad… Expert quote: “Our rates are comparable to Iran, the Ukraine and Russia, not countries we generally want to compare […]

Deforestation in New England is rising thanks to land development

Environmental Research Web Pontus Olofsson, College of Arts & Sciences Say “deforestation” and most of us think of the vast tracts of tropical rainforest being cleared for pasture in the Amazon, or logged for paper production in Indonesia… Expert quote: “In this case it’s almost exclusively driven by residential and commercial development. As affluence and […]

Inosine treatment for brain injuries may help motor function recovery

United Press International Tara Moore, School of Medicine A naturally-occurring purine nucleoside improved restoration of motor function in a small study with primates that sustained brain injuries, suggesting the treatment could work for humans with similar impairments… Expert quote: “In the clinical context, the enhanced recovery of grasp pattern suggests that inosine facilitates greater recovery […]

Why is Jupiter so darn hot? The planet’s Great Red Spot may solve the mystery

Christian Science Monitor James O’Donoghue, College of Arts & Sciences Jupiter is much hotter than it should be, but scientists now think they know why… Expert quote: “We could see almost immediately that our maximum temperatures at high altitudes were above the Great Red Spot far below – a weird coincidence or a major clue?” […]

Scalding-hot temperatures above the solar system’s largest storm might solve a longstanding mystery about Jupiter

Business Insider James O’Donoghue, College of Arts & Sciences Jupiter’s Great Red Spot is the largest storm in the solar system. Located in Jupiter’s lower atmosphere, this storm living is so big that you could fit two or three Earths inside of it… Expert quote: “We call this the energy crisis nowadays, because it’s been unresolved […]