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Badass frog embryos can hatch in seconds to escape snakes and wasps

The Verge Karen Warkentin, College of Arts & Sciences Even as little embryos in eggs, red-eyed tree frogs are totally badass… Expert quote: “For red-eyed tree frogs, their fast-hatching mechanism enables about 80 percent of embryos to escape from snake and wasp attacks, over a pretty broad developmental period.” View full article

First Study to Analyze Dual Hormone Bionic Pancreas for Type 1 Diabetes at Home

MD Magazine Edward Damiano, College of Engineering Patients with type 1 diabetes can safely lower their blood glucose levels and hypoglycemia at home with the dual hormone (glucagon and insulin) bionic pancreas, a new study revealed at the American Diabetes Association (ADA 2016) 76th Scientific Sessions in New Orleans, Louisiana… Expert quote: “These results, in […]

States With More Gun Owners Have More Gun-Related Suicides: Study

HealthDay News Michael Siegel, School of Public Health In states where there are more gun owners, there are also more gun-related suicides, a new U.S. study finds… Expert quote: “The debate usually focuses on homicide. Some people argue that more guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens will help prevent homicides.” View full article

China’s global energy financing raises climate fears

Financial Times (subscription required) Kevin Gallagher, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies Chinese “policy” banks have supplied almost as much financing for global energy projects as the four major western multilateral lenders combined but a concentration on coal-fired power plants is raising concerns about the environmental impact of Beijing’s support… View […]

China becomes global leader in development finance

Financial Times (subscription required) Kevin Gallagher, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global StudiesC China is now a bigger presence in international development finance than all of the world’s six major multilateral financial institutions put together, a new study has found… Expert quote: “China is emerging as the global leader in development finance.” […]

Mystery of Bizarre Radar Echoes Solved, 50 Years Later

LiveScience Meers Oppenheim, College of Arts & Sciences More than 50 years after weird radio echoes were detected coming from Earth’s upper atmosphere, two scientists say they’ve pinpointed the culprit. And it’s complicated… Expert quote: “As soon as they turned this radar on, they saw this thing. They saw all sorts of interesting phenomena that had […]