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As a teacher, I know plagiarism when I see it

The Guardian By Joelle Renstrom, College of General Studies As a writing teacher at Boston University I can usually detect plagiarism. When you read someone’s writing week after week, sometimes all it takes is a suspiciously elegant turn of phrase or a sophisticated syntactical structure to raise a red flag… View full article by expert […]

Republican convention and Donald Trump’s party victory

Al Jazeera By Gregory Aftandilian, College of Arts & Sciences, Pardee School of Global Studies Presumptive Republican party presidential nominee Donald Trump is heading to the party convention in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18 – confident that his brand is working despite major misgivings by the party establishment… View full article by expert Gregory Aftandilian

To Combat Terrorism, Tackle Mental Illness

New York Times (subscription required) By Liah Greenfeld, College of Arts & Sciences The comment of the French prime minister can be interpreted as recognition that terrible events such as the mass killing in Nice Thursday night are a sign of a very long-term problem, which is unlikely to be speedily resolved… View full article […]