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Why We Ask to See Candidates’ Tax Returns

New York Times (subscription required) By Mitchell Zuckoff, College of Communication Lost in the debate over Donald J. Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is the story of where the custom of disclosure comes from — and why it can be so valuable as a measure of character… View full article by expert Mitchell […]

Business and labor don’t have to be enemies

Washington Post By Cathie Jo Martin, College of Arts & Sciences In the United States, the image of a powerful union connotes rapacious groups of workers, jockeying to get perks and salaries beyond what they rightfully deserve. In this zero-sum world, union gains — if unsubstantiated by productivity growth — become public losses… View full […]

As a teacher, I know plagiarism when I see it

The Guardian By Joelle Renstrom, College of General Studies As a writing teacher at Boston University I can usually detect plagiarism. When you read someone’s writing week after week, sometimes all it takes is a suspiciously elegant turn of phrase or a sophisticated syntactical structure to raise a red flag… View full article by expert […]