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Technology transforms Big Four hiring practices

Financial Times (subscription required) William Kring, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law The Big Four professional services firms — among the largest employers of graduates globally — are drastically rethinking their hiring practices as technology transforms the way companies are audited… Expert quote: “I would expect recruiters to focus increasingly on the […]

As Goldman Reports Profits, Focus on Clinton’s Paid Speeches Re-Emerges Cornelius Hurley, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law Goldman Sachs posted quarterly profit topped analyst estimates Tuesday, putting a spotlight once again on the institution at the center of a battle between Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her rival, Bernie Sanders, over speeches she gave to the giant investment bank and its […]

Drug prices in Boston are dozens of times higher than overseas

STAT News Richard Laing, School of Public Health, Center for Global Health & Development Prescription drugs generally cost more in the US than in other countries… Expert quote: “The message is that consumers need to be aware of the range of prices and shop around. There’s a general lack of information about the prices of […]

Bernie Sanders Outlines Plan to Pare Down Big Banks

Wall Street Journal (subscription required) Cornelius Hurley, School of Law, Center for Finance, Law & Policy Bernie Sanders’s awkward explanation of how he would break up the nation’s biggest banks reverberated on the campaign trail Wednesday, with his Democratic presidential opponent Hillary Clinton chiding him for a hazy plan… Expert quote: “The tools are there. […]

Why working in the restaurant industry can be hard on your mental health

Boston Globe (subscription required) Todd Farchione, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders Many years ago, restaurateur Gary Strack went to the roof of his restaurant, Central Kitchen in Central Square, and took out a kitchen knife… Expert quote: “The restaurant industry is particularly interesting: It’s a difficult environment for a […]

Brexit — an existential problem for London and Paris

Financial Times (subscription required) Cornelius Hurley, School of Law, Center for Finance, Law & Policy It is a vexing, existential problem fit for the pipe of Jean-Paul Sartre. For more than a fortnight, French and British officials have locked horns over a single word in the draft text of UK’s “new settlement” with the EU. Should […]

Clinton, Sanders, Wall Street: 6 Things You Need to Know Now Cornelius Hurley, School of Law, Center for Finance, Law & Policy Wall Street has become a whipping post in the 2016 election, with candidates from both parties taking opportunities to talk tough about how they would regulate the sector of the economy that much of the electorate blames for the financial crisis and Great […]