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Keller @ Large: Big Win, Big Questions

WBZ Cornelius Hurley, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law That popping sound you heard all over Boston Wednesday? Champagne corks as the political establishment celebrated the news that General Electric will move its corporate headquarters from Fairfield, Connecticut to Boston… Expert quote: “It’s all about jobs in the final analysis, and if […]

New Ebola treatments mostly failing Donald Thea, School of Public Health, Center for Global Health and Development Despite a massive international effort, several treatments that once held great hope for fighting Ebola have turned out not to work against the dreaded virus that killed more than 11,000 people in the most recent outbreak. Expert quote: “It absolutely limits you as […]

Coverage of attacks haunting youngsters

Boston Herald Donna Pincus, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders, College of Arts & Sciences The 24-hour news cycle’s heavy focus on terrorism and school violence is planting anxiety and even trauma in some of the smallest members of society — school-age children — but it could be years before the effects of the emotional […]

Undemocratic Democracies in Rwanda and Central Africa

Council on Foreign Relations Timothy Longman, College of Arts & Sciences, African Studies Center Just this past month, Rwandan President Paul Kagame followed neighboring rulers in Burundi, the Republic of Congo, and Togo to become the latest long-serving African ruler this year toattempt to extend his hold on power for a third term… Expert quote: […]

Child-free vacations need a plan

Boston Globe (subscription required) Donna Pincus, College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders The first time Daniela Corte and her husband vacationed without their children was a 24-hour getaway to The Mark Hotel in New York 10 years ago… Expert quote: “As much as parents can feel guilt, they also have […]

Does Good Corporate Governance Pay Off

Bank Director Eric Fischer, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law Corporate governance got increased scrutiny after the wave of scandals following Enron’s collapse, which proved that executive oversight is more than a vacuous administrative function performed by a company’s board of directors… Expert quote: “When the economy is strong and growing, many […]

White House feeling heat for leaving top Fed seat vacant

MarketWatch Cornelius Hurley, Center for Finance, Law & Policy, School of Law The White House is facing criticism this week for long ignoring a 2010 law requiring President Barack Obama to appoint an official at the Federal Reserve who would oversee strengthening the nation’s banks and improving the stability of the financial system… Expert quote: […]

UR center makes the photonic match

Democrat & Chronicle Thomas Bifano, Photonics Center, College of Engineering Going through security at an airport and being checked by a walk-in body scanner could soon become a thing of the past… Expert quote: “As long as the university has a good system for promoting the connection and they protect the intellectual property with patents, universities […]