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A Football Coach’s Struggle With C.T.E. — and a Guilty Conscience

New York Times quoting Ann McKee, School of Medicine “In the last years of his life, the longtime football coach for dominating college teams wrestled with impaired speech, forgetfulness, lapses in concentration…” Expert quote: “It is likely that he had C.T.E. originally and that it may have contributed to the early onset of Parkinson’s.” View […]

Nearly a Decade Nursing? Study Pierces Orangutans’ Mother-Child Bond

New York Times Cheryl Knott, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences “Elizabeth Hunt Burrett, a mother from Australia, experienced a moment with an orangutan while breast-feeding her son at Melbourne Zoo last year…” Expert quote: “These events occur every two to six years, and are kind of unpredictable.” View full article. 

Why Are Basketball Games So Squeaky? Consider the Spiny Lobster

New York Times Greg McDaniel, College of Engineering “It is the unofficial soundtrack of basketball, a noise consistently heard but rarely considered — rubber-soled shoes squeaking on the hardwood…” Expert Quote: “If you wave your hand through the air, you don’t hear it,” he said. “Why? Because you haven’t compressed air. The air sloshes around […]

Equations and Inequalities: Math, Race and Fellowship

New York Times Glenn Stevens, College of Arts and Sciences One afternoon last summer at BEAM 6, an experimental program in downtown Manhattan for youths with a high aptitude for math, a swarm of 11- and 12-year-olds jockeyed for a better view of a poster labeled “Week One Challenge Problem”… Expert quote: ““We don’t see […]