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Is the Islamic State a government or a criminal gang? The answer will determine how we fight.

Washington Post By Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences When French Prime Minister François Hollande described the Islamic State’s attacks on Paris as an “act of war,” he set the stage for an immediate retaliation. In their understandable fear and anger, like many Americans immediately after 9/11, the French have hardly paused to ask […]

Where Is the Outcry Over Children Killed by U.S.-Led Forces?

Scientific American Neta Crawford, Colleges of Arts & Sciences For years, I’ve tried to get more people—and especially Americans, citizens of the most militaristic nation on Earth–to agree with me that war that must be abolished. One simple–some would say simplistic–argument I’ve tried is this: war is wrong because killing children is wrong, and children […]

149,000 people have died in war in Afghanistan and Pakistan since 2001, report says

Washington Post Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences War has directly resulted in the deaths of 149,000 people in Afghanistan and Pakistan between 2001 and 2014, according to estimates in a new report released by Costs of War project at Brown University’s Watson Institute… Expert quote: “While the US formally ended combat operations in Afghanistan in December 2014, […]

Wars in Pakistan and Afghanistan leave 150,000 dead: study

The News International Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences The wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan have left nearly 150,000 soldiers and civilians dead since 2001, a new US study estimates… Expert quote: “What we do know is that the indirect health effects of war persist beyond the end of the fighting. Both Afghanistan and Pakistan […]

Can the U.S. Afford Another War in Iraq?

Knowledge@Wharton “Wharton Business Radio” Neta Crawford, College of Arts & Sciences Few disagree that the U.S. as a superpower is fulfilling its responsibility in air strikes targeting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and airdropping food aid to stranded Yazidi Iraqis persecuted by the group. But some are questioning the overall human, political […]