Even a drink a day boosts cancer death risk, alcohol study finds

February 15th, 2013 in 2013,, Newsmakers, RESEARCH @ BU, School of Medicine, School of Public Health 0 comments
Timothy Naimi, School of Medicine, School of Public Health

The first update of alcohol-linked cancer deaths in the U.S. in three decades shows that booze can be blamed for nearly 20,000 deaths a year — and it’s not just the heavy drinkers…

Expert quote:

“For non-drinkers, it’s another reason to feel happy they don’t drink. For drinkers, it shows that when it comes to cancer, the less you drink, the better.”

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Warmest springs on record bring earliest flowers ever

January 16th, 2013 in 2013, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences,, Newsmakers, RESEARCH @ BU 0 comments
Elizabeth Ellwood, College of Arts & Sciences

During the exceptionally warm springs of 2010 and 2012, plants bloomed earlier in the eastern U.S. than they have since the American writer and naturalist Henry David Thoreau started keeping records near Walden Pond in 1852…

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Too big to fail means too big for jail

December 12th, 2012 in 2012, Centers & Institutes in the News, Cornelius Hurley,, Newsmakers, School of Law 0 comments
Cornelius Hurley, School of Law, Center for Finance, Law & Policy

There’s a reason top executives haven’t gone to jail for engineering the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression…

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Romney: How bipartisan was he really?

October 30th, 2012 in 2012, College of General Studies,, Newsmakers, Tom Whalen 0 comments “First Read”
Tom Whalen, College of General Studies’s Tom Curry looks at whether Romney would cut FEMA funding…

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With wife’s conviction, what is next for China’s Bo Xilai?

August 20th, 2012 in 2012, College and Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Joseph Fewsmith,, Newsmakers 0 comments
Joseph Fewsmith, College of Arts & Sciences

Monday’s murder conviction for the wife of Bo Xilai, once one of China’s most powerful men, may have brought to an end the investigation into the death of British businessman Neil Heywood but it left in question the fate of her husband, who is being pursued for party “disciplinary violations.”…

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Trade Commission ruling adds to Kodak’s woes

July 23rd, 2012 in 2012, James Bessen,, Newsmakers, School of Law 0 comments
James Bessen, School of Law

Eastman Kodak Co.’s plan to reap a windfall by selling roughly 1,100 imaging patents as it restructures in bankruptcy just got a little more tenuous…

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