Professors, Students ‘Uncertain’ About Futures of Undocumented Peers

NBC Latino Rady Roldan-Figueroa, School of Theology For the past week Harvard sociologist Roberto Gonzales has comforted dozens of undocumented students who have called, texted and messaged him asking for guidance in the wake of the Donald Trump victory… Expert quote: “The students are really worried that the President-elect will carry out the promises of […]

Little Sex Ed, Stereotypes Could Lead to Health Risks, Family Planning Issues Hyeouk Chris Hahm, School of Social Work Growing up, Jenely Sarette’s Filipino-American family didn’t talk about sex education, and when they did talk about sex, it was more of a warning than anything else… Expert quote: “This cultural expectation for women to be submissive and accommodating affects her ability to have discussions about HIV […]

African Immigrants in Paris Fear Stigma, Anti-Muslim Sentiments After Attacks Allison Blakely, College of Arts & Sciences Muslim hairdresser Yomi Mohammed, an immigrant from Nigeria living in Paris, wasn’t caught up in the deadly terrorist attacks in the French capital, but he knows firsthand what it means to be under siege in his adopted country… Expert quote: “There is no doubt that the minority […]

ISIS Looting Syrian Sites ‘Into Oblivion’; Fears Mount for Palmyra Michael Danti, College of Arts & Sciences Precious Syrian historical sites in ISIS-controlled territory are being looted “into oblivion,” experts told NBC News amid reports the Sunni militants were closing in on more ancient treasures… Expert quote: “The sites look like the surface of the moon… They’re coming in with bulldozers and actually removing […]

‘The Bible AD’: Casting a More Diverse Bible Classic James Thornton, College of Arts & Sciences The trend of whitewashing Bible stories apparently is dying… Expert quote: “It’s not so much the absence of black people that was the problem [in previous productions,] it’s the amazingly blue-eyed-ness and blond-haired-ness portrayal of people in the Middle East that’s kind of annoying. The ark of […]

Why Has Nurse Amber Vinson Recovered From Ebola So Quickly? Nahid Bhadelia, School of Medicine, NEIDL Amber Vinson’s blood tested negative for Ebola virus just nine days after she was first diagnosed. Her fellow nurse, Nina Pham, is now in good condition… Expert quote: “With Ebola, it is possible that early care can provide integral support to the body while it mounts its immune response, hence allowing it to […]