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House Republicans, Sid Blumenthal, and the Ghosts of Clinton’s Past

National Journal Tobe Berkovitz, College of Communication House Republicans probing the 2012 Benghazi attacks are turning their attention to a figure from Hillary Clinton’s past as the Democratic frontrunner tries to sell voters on her ideas about the future… Expert quote: “If Barack Obama was no-drama-Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton are all drama all the […]

Tobacco Lobby Opens a New Playbook for E-Cigarettes

National Journal Michael Siegel, School of Public Health One e-cigarette maker markets a flavor called “Congress,” with a website displaying a photo of the Capitol and describing the taste as “refined tobacco.”… Expert quote: “Essentially this is a big victory for the big tobacco companies. They can claim correctly that they comply with FDA standards. […]

Accountable Care Organizations: A Health Experiment in Progress

National Journal Austin Frakt, School of Public Health A patient goes to the doctor’s office with vague back pain… Expert quote: “I understand why Medicare is promoting ACOs. But, because they encourage provider integration, which could lead to higher prices and premiums, I do not understand why private insurers would be.” View full article